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How to Increase Online Sales Fast in 2019

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You need an effective strategy that evolves over time as your business and your customers change.

Growth is not always consistent. Even if consumers are spending more money online, they’re not necessarily spending more money with your business. Even an industry giant like Target sees huge peaks and valleys.

Transparent Pricing

Be honest and upfront about the product prices on your website. According to a Baymard Institute study, the leading reason why online shoppers abandon their cart is high extra costs. Researchers found that 60 percent of respondents had abandoned a cart because of high extra costs.

You don’t have to necessarily offer free shipping, but you should clearly display the actual cost of your site’s prices along with any associated fees.

Display Trust Seals

First-time visitors are often hesitant to buy products from a new website, fearing their personal information could be stolen or used for nefarious purposes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that 32 percent more sites were compromised in 2016 compared to 2015.

To convert these B2B visitors into customers, you must show them that your site is trustworthy. If they trust your site, they’ll feel more confident entering their credit card information and buying your products. As explained by the CrazyEgg, displaying trust seals like Norton, McAfee, TRUSTe, Better Business Bureau and Thawte on your website will make it more trustworthy in the eye of visitors.

Allow Guest Purchases

Don’t make the mistake of forcing visitors to create an account when buying your B2B products or submitting a lead on your site. In the same Baymard Institute study previously cited, forced account registration was the second-most-common reason for abandoned shopping carts, with 37 percent of respondents leaving their carts behind for this reason.

Not every visitor wants to jump through the hoops of creating an account. In fact, many will leave if this is a purchasing requirement. To boost website sales, allow visitors to purchase your site’s products without registering an account.

PPC Marketing

You can drive tons of highly targeted traffic to your site and grow your business in the process using pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. PPC platforms like Google AdWords and Bing Ads only charge advertisers when someone clicks their ad. Best of all, you can specify the keyword searches to trigger your ad impressions, ensuring high-quality traffic for your e-commerce site.

If your site sells custom iPhone cases, for instance, you can target keywords like “custom iPhone case” and “buy iPhone case.” Depending on the match type you choose, your ads will be seen by users who search for these keywords or close variations of it.

According to Power Traffick, businesses earn roughly £3 for every £1.60 spent on AdWords. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll experience the same results, PPC marketing for B2B is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase sales.

Create Videos About Your Site’s Products

E-commerce business owners shouldn’t ignore the growing demand for video content. According to DreamGrow, adding a product video to a landing page can increase its conversion rate by up to 80 percent.

Furthermore, the video software provider to boost website sales, you should consider using retargeting. As the name suggests, retargeting seeks to recapture users who left your site without making a purchase. With retargeting, your ads will only show to users who’ve visited your site in the past.

A case study cited by the retargeting services provider AdRoll found that a cosmetic company generates a 850 percent return on investment (ROI) when using this marketing strategy. In addition to AdRoll, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads also offer retargeting services.

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