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Hair Studio “S”

  • Date: October 16, 2019

  • Skills: Wordpress, Jquery, PSD, Illustrator

  • Client: Hair Studio"S"

  • Project link: https://www.studioe.uk

  • Tags:

    AI, CMS, Psd, Wordpress


1.- Project Info

Our customer

dedicated and focused professional with over 25-year experience gained undertaking Hair stylist roles in 3 different countries. Successful at consistently deliver the highest quality service.

Making makeup works, stylized hair cuts in large industries such as television channels in Spain, Argentina and London.

Focus on my specialization with “Balayage” I was nominated for British hairdressing  Awards, and the recipient of numerous other prestigeous awards. My true passion lies in giving a bespoke service above and beyond expectations, with a genuine desire to make someone’s day.


  • Payment online
  • Subscribe to our newsletter
  • Subscribe to our blog RSS feed
  • Follow us on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook
  • Purchase our merchandise
  • Contribute blog comments
  • Services List
  • Download resources on “blog”


  • Create awareness about our organization
  • Generate merchandise sales
  • Build an online community
  • Build a repository for resources and materials on “Services online and offers
  • Advertise uniqueness of organization to partners, volunteers, and the media

2.- Brief

Our customer

  •  Newsletter subscription and HTML mailer
  •  Blog with comments and RSS (please see http://msf.ca/blogs/ as a reference)
  • Visual animation on the homepage
  • Interactive image galleries for agencies
  • Services will update every 1 month and showcase the best services of the month
  •  Contact form straight for customers and company
  • Resource center for customer services
  • Visual customization design in live for all the design, building a small app web
  • Website keyword search

Quality of our wall art and contact with customer is our priority.